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Experience Golfing Paradise at Catalonia Caribe Golf Club

Catalonia Caribe Golf Club

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Catalonia Caribe Golf Club


In summary, Catalonia Caribe Golf Club offers a scenic and budget-friendly golfing experience in a tropical setting with a variety of holes. However, golfers should be mindful of potential variations in course maintenance, crowded tee times, distance from resort areas, and the availability of resort amenities. It can be a suitable choice for golfers looking for an affordable round of golf in a picturesque environment.

Pros Catalonia Caribe Golf Club
  • Scenic Setting: Catalonia Caribe Golf Club is often set in a picturesque tropical environment with lush fairways, palm trees, and water features. The natural beauty of the Dominican Republic enhances the overall golfing experience.
  • Affordable Green Fees: Compared to some other golf courses in the Punta Cana region, Catalonia Caribe Golf Club often offers more budget-friendly green fees. This can make it an attractive option for golfers on a range of budgets.
  • Variety of Holes: The golf club typically offers a variety of holes, including those with water hazards, bunkers, and elevation changes. Golfers can expect an engaging and diverse round of golf.
  • Player-Friendly Layout: Many golf clubs aim to provide a player-friendly layout suitable for golfers of various skill levels. This can make the course enjoyable for both beginners and experienced players.
Cons Catalonia Caribe Golf Club
  • Maintenance and Course Conditions: While the course is generally well-maintained, the quality of the fairways and greens can vary depending on the season and maintenance schedule. Checking recent reviews for updates on course conditions is advisable.
  • Crowded Tee Times: Depending on the popularity of the golf club and the number of guests, tee times can be in high demand, potentially leading to crowded courses and longer rounds.
  • Distance from Resort Areas: Some golf clubs may not be centrally located within resort areas, requiring guests to travel to access the golf facilities. This can be less convenient for some visitors.
  • Limited Resort Amenities: Depending on the specific location, Catalonia Caribe Golf Club may not offer the same level of resort amenities as larger, all-inclusive resorts. Golfers should check in advance to see what facilities are available.

Looking for the perfect golfing destination? Look no further than Catalonia Caribe Golf Club. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out, this 9-hole club located in Bavaro, Punta Cana, is the key to a golfing experience like no other.

When you step onto our international course, you will immediately be captivated by the lush fairways and unique scenery. Golfers of all levels can enjoy the challenges and pleasures of this flat and pleasant location.

At Catalonia Caribe Golf Club, we offer a variety of packages to suit your needs. is available here to help you with all your accommodation and golfing needs. Our resort is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a challenging day on the course. With our stunning beachfront property, spa services, and leisure activities, guests can truly enjoy a whole golfing experience.

When you choose to stay at Catalonia Caribe Golf Club, you’ll also have access to nearby properties, such as Catalonia Bavaro Suites and Catalonia Santo Domingo. With our convenient location, you can easily explore all the amazing golf courses the Dominican Republic has to offer.

So don’t wait any longer. Book your golfing package at Catalonia Caribe Golf Club today and experience the golfing paradise you’ve been dreaming of. From challenging holes to stunning views, we have it all. Follow the key to golf and let us bring your golfing dreams to life!

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Experience the ultimate golfing paradise at the Catalonia Caribe Golf Club, located in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. This beautiful resort offers a wide range of lodging options, including luxurious suites, perfect for golfers and leisure travelers alike.

When you stay at the Catalonia Caribe Golf Club, you’ll have access to the stunning green fairways of our 9-hole golf course. Designed by Alberto Cabeza, this par-3 course offers a unique challenge for golfers of all levels. With its picturesque location near the Bavaro Beach, you can enjoy a pleasant round of golf while soaking in the beautiful scenery.

For those who want to improve their game, we offer golf lessons and packages to help you perfect your swing. Our experienced golf professionals will guide you through the course and provide valuable tips and tricks to elevate your golfing skills.

Why Choose Catalonia Caribe Golf Club?

  • Convenient location in Punta Cana, just a short drive from the Santo Domingo International Airport
  • Beautiful 9-hole golf course with challenging fairways and flat greens
  • Nearby golf courses and resorts to explore
  • On-site clubhouse with a pro shop and restaurant
  • Guests can enjoy a range of amenities, including a spa, lake, and beach access
  • Stay and Play packages available to cover all your golfing needs
  • Friendly staff and excellent customer service

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out, Catalonia Caribe Golf Club is the perfect destination for a golfing getaway. Follow us to stay up-to-date with the latest news, events, and special promotions.

Who can play and when

  • The Catalonia Caribe Golf Club is open to all golfers, from beginners to professionals.
  • Flights to the Dominican Republic are available from various international locations.
  • The golf club is located in the Catalonia Caribe Golf Resort, which offers comfortable suites for accommodation.
  • Green fees for the golf courses can be obtained at the clubhouse. The fees cover the whole round of golf.
  • The golf courses are open from sunrise to sunset, allowing golfers to play at their preferred time.
  • The resort property is located near the beach, providing a pleasant and leisurely environment for golfers.
  • The resort also has a spa and other facilities that golfers can enjoy during their stay.

How to Get to Catalonia Caribe Golf Club

The Catalonia Caribe Golf Club is located in Bavaro, Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic. It is easily accessible by car or taxi, and there is ample parking available. Golfers can also arrange transportation through the resort.

For golfers who want more variety, there are additional international golf courses available nearby, such as the Punta Espada Golf Club and the La Cana Golf Club. These courses provide a flat and challenging terrain that will test the skills of any golfer.

Guests staying at the Catalonia Caribe Golf Club can enjoy comfortable accommodation in suites located on the property. The club also offers unique leisure facilities, including a spa and a green market. Additionally, there are various lodging options available just a short distance away in Bavaro.

To play a round of golf at Catalonia Caribe Golf Club, visitors can simply follow the instructions provided by the club’s key contacts. From booking tee times to learning about golf packages, the club’s staff will ensure that your golfing experience is exceptional.

How far is Catalonia Caribe Golf Club from Catalonia Bavaro Resort?

Catalonia Caribe Golf Club is located nearby Catalonia Bavaro Resort, within convenient walking distance.

Who can play at Catalonia Caribe Golf Club and when?

Catalonia Caribe Golf Club is open to both resort guests and visitors. The golf course operates from sunrise to sunset, seven days a week.

What other amenities are available at Catalonia Caribe Golf Club?

In addition to the golf course, Catalonia Caribe Golf Club offers a spa and leisure facilities for guests to enjoy during their visit.

What is Catalonia Caribe Golf Club?

Catalonia Caribe Golf Club is a golf course located near Catalonia Bavaro Resort. It offers a stunning golfing experience in a tropical paradise setting.

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