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The Ultimate Guide to SIM Card for Dominican Republic in 2024

SIM Cards for Dominican Republic for 2024
SIM Cards for Dominican Republic for 2024

Heading to the Dominican Republic and wondering about connectivity without the hefty roaming fees? This guide details the process of obtaining a SIM card for Dominican Republic in 2024, ensuring you stay online effortlessly.


If you are familiar with traveling internationally, you should know that it is never a good idea to travel with the hope of using data roaming services. Besides being overly costly, you get limited access to fast data. Not so shocking, this is not any different from the Dominican Republic.

The fact that you will also need the internet to get a lot of things done in your daily life around the country makes it a necessity. Think about how you would get an Uber or even find directions to the nearest restaurants! To get started, you need an accessible internet connection to your device without using data roaming. So, what’s the best alternative? 

So, if you are planning a trip to the Dominican Republic, the best option to get connected is to get access to a Dominican Republic SIM card. From our personal experience, it is best to buy a physical SIM card or register for an e-sim once you arrive at your destination. With these cards, you will be able to connect to the mobile internet and surf without worrying about the cost of roaming. 

You are probably thinking about the process of how and where to even get a local SIM Card for Dominican Republic, right? Not to mention, how do you find the best of these cards? Do not worry! Just pay attention to this ultimate guide to SIM Cards in the Dominican Republic for your 2024 travel. 

The Case for Prepaid SIM Cards and eSIMs Over Roaming

Using the Internet in the Dominican Republic does not have to be as challenging as it may seem from afar. While you may see using data roaming services as the most convenient option, it is worth mentioning that it is not. In fact, compared to getting an e-sim local prepaid SIM card Dominican Republic, using data roaming services can be expensive. 

During our first (explorative) trip to Punta Cana, it was quite devastating for us to pay more than double the amount of using eSIM claro using the roaming Claro services. This is why we have dedicated this article to guide our readers in making the right decisions during their trips to the Dominican Republic. 

However, when it comes to selecting between an e-sim or a local prepaid SIM card, there is always a funny dispute. For starters, it is important to know that local prepaid SIM cards are the most cost-effective. In comparison to e-sim Cards, however, these physical cards are not that convenient to use. 

Acquiring a Local SIM: Where and How

As we expected from a favorite center for tourism, getting a local SIM at most places in the Dominican Republic was quite easy. Although you may have to take a ride to get to the nearest mall, Bluemall, in Punta Cana Airport to buy a SIM card Dominican Republic. It took us about 3 minutes to get to the mall, where we spent about $3 per person. 

At this mall, you will get the chance to get SIM cards from the official retail stores of Claro, Viva and Altice. And if you will be arriving through the Santo Domingo Airport, you will be lucky to find nearby stores around the port. 

If getting an eSIM is your choice, you just have to go online and visit the official website of SIM brands like Claro to purchase. Getting the eSIM may be the most convenient option, especially when getting the physical card on your arrival does not seem like the best idea. 

At Airports

If you will be flying to the Dominican Republic, do not expect to find a Punta Cana Airport SIM card store. To purchase your local SIM Card for Dominican Republic, you will have to book a short ride to the closeby Bluemall in Punta Cana. In this mall, you will then be able to find SIM card stores with a variety of options. 

If Santo Domingo Airport is your destination, you are sure to find retail stores of both Claro and Altice to get your local SIM cards. Unlike Punta Cana, it is easy for you to find a Santo Domingo Airport SIM store conveniently without any ride. 

Santiago de Los Caballeros Airport is another exclusive destination in the Dominican Republic where you will not be able to get a local prepaid SIM Card for Dominican Republic. You have to visit the city to find the official stores of Claro and Altice. 

In Cities and Resorts

Finding phone stores to get your local prepaid SIM in the cities and resorts of the Dominican Republic is straightforward. Most of the big resorts in the area already offer good internet via WiFi, but you should still get an e-SIM. 

The reason for this is that Public WiFi networks are not good options when it comes to cyber security, unless with a VPN. So, to be on the safe side, getting an eSIM card or prepaid card will work. 

Popular spots in the Dominican Republic have Viva Dominicana outlets, Claro retail locations and Altice stores around public spaces, so you have nothing to worry about. 

Online Pre-Order

Since the dawn of online shopping, everything has been easier, including getting an online SIM Card for Dominican Republic delivered to your doorstep. On the downside, there are not so many SIM card services available, so pre-ordering card services are not that common. 

But if you need to place an online SIM card order Dominican Republic and receive SIM at a hotel or any other place, all you need to do is visit mobile operators online and get your phone ready. 

This SIM service automatically connects to any available network and gives you access to the internet. This is actually the best option if you feel you won’t have the time to visit local phone stores. Keep in mind that your device must be compatible with eSIM for this to work. 

sim card for dominican republic
sim card for dominican republic

Navigating Mobile Providers in the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, there are only a few mobile providers, including: 

Claro and Altice are the famous sets of mobile internet providers Dominican Republic with the biggest audiences. So, if you ask, they are also the most reliable options for you to get your local prepaid SIM cards or eSIM. 

The Registration Quandary

Buying a phone SIM card in the Dominican Republic as a tourist takes the same process as in any other country. Of course, you will need to provide some means of personal identification with your documents and information. Here is a step-by-step guide to registering and activating a mobile SIM card in the Dominican Republic: 

  1. Go in person to official retail stores of SIM products with your passport. 
  2. Pay to buy the SIM Card for Dominican Republic at the store. 
  3. After completing the registration process SIM Dominican Republic, you will need to top up and buy a data plan. 
  4. Then, insert your new SIM card into your mobile phone. 
  5. For activation, all you need to do is confirm the top-up through an SMS message you will receive after registering. 
  6. For eSIM cards, do not hesitate to follow each process as led by your eSIM provider. 
  7. From your phone, turn on your mobile data and select the local carrier in Settings. 
  8. By now, you should be able to use your new SIM card and connect to the internet. 
  9. However, if you experience any issues, do not hesitate to contact customer support for your service provider. 

Cost Analysis: Updated Prices for Prepaid SIM Cards

Using their home currency for price evaluation, the cost of mobile operators in the Dominican Republic is a bit considerable for tourists. 

The Dominican Peso (DOP), which amounts to the United States Dollar at 1 USD = 58.35 DOP, and 100 DOP = 1.71 USD. The next section will cover all the updated prices of famous mobile operators in the Dominican Republic, including Claro prices, Altice rates and their recharge options. 

Read the most comprehensive information about what currency does Dominican Republic use!

Claro Dominicana

Claro Sim Card Price: 150 DOP ($2.57)

Right from the registration stage for Claro, it is guaranteed that you are in good hands. To start the registration for Claro SIM card, you will need to make a cheap payment of 150 DOP ($2.57). For phone calls, you may need to top up Claro with more credit. The following are Claro data plans and prices:

Package NameDataPrice (DOP/USD)ValidityAdditional ServicesSpeed After Data Limit
Free 1GB1GB$44.93/$0.771 Day256Kbps
Free Plus 2GB2GB$57.18/$0.981 Day512Kbps
Free 3GB3GB$83.44/$1.433 Days512Kbps
Free Plus 5GB5GB$105.61/$1.813 Days768Kbps
Free 5GB5GB$127.79/$2.195 Days768Kbps
Free Plus 8GB8GB$149.38/$2.565 Days1Mbps
Claro sim card Dominican Republic

And of course don’t forget to take advantage of Claro’s bonuses. Information about Claro bonuses can be found here.

Claro prepaid sim card Dominican Republic
Claro prepaid sim card Dominican Republic

Altice Dominicana

Altice SIM Card Price: Free Registration

Getting an Altice Dominica SIM card in the Dominican Republic is a direct and free process. The registration does not require you to pay a dime, however, you have to activate one of Altice data packages, which comes at a cost. On top of the mobile recharge for unlimited data, Altice also gives out free calling credits. Here is a simple description of Altice SIM Card Rates as of 2024: 

Package NameDataPrice (DOP/USD)ValidityAdditional ServicesSpeed After Data Limit
Unlimited 1 DayUnlimitedApproximately $58.35/$11 DayUnlimited GB
Unlimited 3 DaysUnlimitedApproximately $99.19/$1.73 DaysUnlimited GB
Unlimited 5 DaysUnlimitedApproximately $145.88/$2.55 DaysUnlimited GB
Altice SIM Card for Dominican Republic

Assessing 4G/5G Network Coverage and Speed

We are now in a modern phase where 4G and 5G networks are considered the fastest way to browse the internet. In the Dominican Republic, this is not any different. 

So, if you are wondering if these networks are available within this area, worry less. With Claro leading all other mobile networks by hosting the best 4G/5G network Dominican Republic, there are still other networks in the country with excellent network coverage and speed. 

Is 5G a Reality in the Dominican Republic?

Of course. Not to mention, there is already 5G in the Dominican Republic. But to get SIM cards with these options, you might want to consider between Altice and Claro. But to clarify, there are only two 5G network providers in the Dominican Republic and they include 

  • Claro 5G Coverage
  • Altice 5G Service

However, you should expect that not every part of the country has good 5G network coverage. I can vividly remember struggling to use 5G in a restaurant in Santo Domingo, only to walk a few miles and the connection was perfect again. 

Here are two maps that show the 5G coverage of the two main operators Claro and Altice.

Claro 5G coverage
Altice 5G coverage

Detailed Coverage Maps

For the most part, Claro 4g/5g network coverage map seems to have a wider reach than Viva and Altice. This mobile network is spread to a substantial part of the country, including Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, Constanza, and many more others. Altice Network map also delivers to many important parts of the Dominican Republic. 

However, Viva coverage is a bit limited to a few areas, so do not expect to always find a reliable network if you will be going for Viva SIM cards. Advisably, stick to Altice and Claro to get the best network coverage and speed across the Dominican Republic. 

My Personal SIM Card Experience in the Dominican Republic

It took us at most ten minutes to realize that the Punta Cana Airport does not have a phone store that sells SIM cards. Instead of asking around, we took our chance and walked around the port in search of one. We finally asked one of the security officials around the airport, who then told us that we would need a short ride to the main city to get a SIM plug. 

Thanks to the reliable WiFi at the Airport, we were able to locate the closest mall just outside the city. In short, we boarded an Uber and got to our destination within 4 minutes. The Bluemall Punta Cana has enough official stores of Altice and Claro all around. Since we aimed to try each network provider, we split and registered for the two SIM cards. 

Within a few minutes, the registration process for my Claro SIM Card for Dominican Republic was over, even though it was quite an amusing one. I waited for my partner, who spent a bit longer with Altice SIM card registration for the same reason I found the registration funny. They asked us to get a picture of our new SIM card close to our faces! Buying SIM Dominican Republic was straightforward and stress-free. 

About time, we told you the data speed test results for these SIM cards, right? 

So far so good, to rate my personal experience, Claro was obviously the best, it had a good 4G/5G network coverage and was extremely fast compared to Altice. No doubt, Altice was excellent too, especially if you consider the unlimited data it offers, but not as Claro. 

A Tourist’s Guide To SIM Cards in the Dominican Republic

Being a tourist in the Dominican Republic does not have to stop you from surfing the internet in style. Depending on whether you will be staying for a long time in the country, or just for a short period, your choice of SIM cards should differ. 

Claro is the best SIM card for tourists Dominican Republic if you see yourself staying longer than a month. In terms of mobile internet speed, it offers a fast and reliable network coverage to get you connected during your stay. For short trips, you might want to stick with Altice for its unlimited network services. Overall, all you need to do is to get the SIM card registration required and start surfing the internet freely. 

Preparing for Your Trip: Ordering a Prepaid SIM Card Online

Taking the leap to order a prepaid SIM card Dominican Republic online is an ideal way to plan your internet convenience even before flying. You should also consider this idea if you know your devices is not compatible with eSIMs as a form of pre-travel preparation. 

The process for ordering these SIM cards is as simple as it sounds. Go online and visit the official website of your preferred SIM, select your delivery options and confirm payment. 

Staying Connected: Top-up and Balance Management

Understanding your balance management and knowing how to top-up Dominican SIM is crucial to your internet experience in the Dominican Republic. 

Although the method of doing this differs for each SIM operator, it follows the same principle: Go online, select the amount you want to recharge, provide your email address, choose a payment method, and confirm payment to recharge Dominican mobile.  

To check balance and monitor your data usage, all you need to do is go to the SIM provider’s portal or app and follow the prompt steps. 

Understanding Mobile Technology and Frequencies in the Dominican Republic

In terms of the mobile tech and frequencies in the Dominican Republic, knowing the supported frequency bands and phone compatibility is vital for staying connected to the internet. Here are the following frequencies in sync with mobile technology standards Dominican Republic: 

  • 2G: 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz & 1900 MHz. 
  • 3G: 850 MHz &1900 MHz. 
  • 4G/LTE: 850 MHz (Band 5), 1700 MHz (Band 4), 1800 MHz (Band 3), 1900 MHz (Band 2) & 2600 MHz (Band 7).
  • 5G NR: 3500 MHz (n78) (Not yet widely developed). 


Staying connected in the Dominican Republic takes a little more research than you think, especially when you consider the cost of roaming services over travel SIM cards/eSIM Dominican Republic. If you paid attention to this ultimate guide, you should now be equipped with the most updated knowledge about getting SIM cards in the region. 

Overall, our recommendation for anybody looking to explore the internet world of the Dominican Republic should stick to Claro or Altice SIM network providers. Since you now know that the debate winner of International roaming vs local SIM, go for the best. 

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