Gaastra Kites and Boards in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Feb. 13, 2002

We just had a very exciting two weeks in Cabarete. Kite Magazine from Germany was here to test all new kites and boards on the market (or soon to be). The full reports will be published in their April issue.

We saw lots of new brands and new models of existing brands. The most exciting newcomer to the kiteboarding scene was Gaastra. Gaastra is, of course, well known in the windsurfing industry, but had not yet entered the exploding kiteboarding market until now.

The new Gaastra Kites are bound to take a big junk of the kite market. They are designed by the famous, radical kitesurfer, super nice guy Cory Roeseler, father and pioneer of kiteboarding in the USA. Notice the straight leading edge which Gaastra patented and calls it the Gaastra Accelerator System™. Their super modern board shape is bound to cause quite a stir too.

Interview with Cory Roeseler
Cory Roeseler and how he was involved in kiteboarding history. It might take a few seconds for the sound to start to play. You need Flash 4 or later.
About the new GSPOT and GXS by GAASTRA:
What do you think of Cabarete as a kitesurf destination:

There is also a photo gallery of Cory Roeseler with the new Gaastra Kites and boards.

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Below are some pictures taken Feb 12th and 13th, 2002.

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Gaastra Kite Gaastra Kite Gaastra Kite Gaastra Kite
dscn3870.jpg dscn3880.jpg dscn3799.jpg dscn3792.jpg
Gaastra Kite Gaastra Kite Gaastra and North Kites Gaastra and North Kites
dscn3791.jpg dscn3801.jpg dscn3802.jpg dscn3805.jpg
Gaastra and North Kites Gaastra and North Kites Gaastra and North Kites Gaastra and North Kites
dscn3872.jpg dscn3874.jpg dscn3897.jpg dscn3899.jpg
Gaastra Kite Gaastra Kite Gaastra Kite Gaastra Kite
dscn3908.jpg dscn3867.jpg dscn3864.jpg dscn3979.jpg
Gaastra Kite Gaastra Kite and Cory Roeseler as rider Gaastra Kite Cory Roeseler with a Gaastra Board
dscn3888.jpg dscn3886.jpg dscn3889.jpg dscn3890.jpg
Mark Ribkoff with a Gaastra Board Gaastra Board Gaastra Board Gaastra Board