Raphaźl Salles with his F.ONE Kites and Boards in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Raphael SallesMar. 18, 2002

After last month's visit of the German Kite Magazine, we have yet another German kitesurfing magazine, KITEBOARDING.DE, in Cabarete. For this occasion, one of kitesurfing's great names, Raphaźl Salles of F.ONE, also came to Cabarete. I had a chance to interview him minutes before he was off to France again.

Interview with Raphaźl Salles
The history of Raphaźl Salles, kitesurfing and F.ONE Boards and Kites, and what he thinks of Cabarete as a kitesurf destination (about 5 minutes): It might take a few seconds for the sound to start to play. You need Flash 4 or later.

For more info on F.ONE: Email: f.one@wanadoo.fr - Web: there is no web-site for F.ONE yet but it should be available by the end of April, 2002. However, their USA distributor does have a web-site with lots of details: www.f-one-usa.com.

Below are some pictures taken Mar 18th, 2002.

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